Solutions Partner Sales Training

As a strategic partner of Daktronics, we want to enable you to be successful in selling and supporting the products we supply as you provide value-added solutions to end-users.  To achieve this, we want to help you leverage the Daktronics brand by providing you a basic understanding of our company and how we approach the various markets and applications where we are traditionally successful.  We are interested in how you might open new markets or applications and the resources you would need.  Empowering you with deep knowledge about our solutions and how they compare to other solutions in the market will help you make informed purchasing decisions.  With this information, you can create a sales strategy to ensure maximum profits by selling key differentiators.  We are also interested to discuss the features your customers value most as this is helpful to refine talking points.  Supporting your sales and technical teams with the necessary documentation to create dynamic proposals and accurate concepts will further ensure you can respond professionally to requests from your customers.


Agenda for our session:

  1. Daktronics Introduction
  2. Tiered Solutions
  3. Technology Introduction
  4. Display Products
    1. Indoor Solutions
    2. Outdoor Solutions
    3. Freeform Solutions
  5. Control Platforms
    1. Control Hardware
    2. Control Software
  6. Emerging Technologies
  7. Integrator Enablement Package Review

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