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Manufacturer vs. Broker - What's the difference?


In order to provide high-performance products, manufacturers need to ensure there are effective processes and systems in place to execute engineering designs as they were intended.

For companies like Daktronics who design, test and build their own displays in-house in a central location, quality control is more easily attainable. Engineers can design a prototype, walk down to the lab, test it and run it through manufacturing to evaluate consistency, all in the same location operating under the same quality control guidelines.


Many vendors in the indoor market may not manufacture the product themselves. Some simply resell products from manufacturers off-the-shelf with no checks and balances for quality control.

Brokers who resell products must have a close partnership with a shortlist of manufacturers, where they can verify quality control and have some degree of control over product design should performance issues arise. 

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Hear Brett Wendler, Daktronics Vice President of design and development, explain the differences between a manufacturing process and a broker process for LED technology.

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