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Color and Contrast

With Exciting New Depths

Premier indoor properties demand vivid image detail and wider viewing angles. Daktronics indoor LED displays have a jet-black display face allowing for better brightness and contrast levels—making for sharper images, deeper colors and a brighter display picture. Our revolutionary lightweight module design makes for quick, convenient display installation.

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What to consider when evaluating solutions.

  • Benefits of LED vs. LCD
  • How to use viewing distance to determine the pixel pitch
  • Control options and creating effective content
  • How lighting conditions affect brightness
  • How to plan for maintenance
  • Local regulations Compliance

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Make a Premium Impression

High Brightness and Deep Contrast

Indoor areas with bright lighting or windows can pose major challenges to content visibility. To combat these conditions, higher brightness and deeper contrast make images sharper and colors more saturated.

Our high-intensity LED displays punch through ambient lighting, with premium light-emitting diodes and display electronics at 1,500 nits peak brightness. Additionally, our displays maximize black state, featuring module-level contrast enhancements and a deep black LED body with a dark tinted lens.

Bold Colors and Crisp Clarity

A wide color gamut with precise reproduction and extended color saturation ensures images and video look sharp, shows colors accurately on the display and prevents banding in the low levels and washouts in the high levels.

Our products surpass the color capability of even the most advanced televisions and projector systems—far exceeding the digital cinema DCI-P3 color gamut— and take full advantage of the expanded color capability of high dynamic range imaging (HDR).

Secure Display Interface Protocol

DI 6000 product image

Clarity and accuracy of data graphics, images and live video all rely on the processing technology to show viewers crucial information with crystal clear quality. Our proprietary Pure Pixel Processing signal protocol maintains image quality and color representation even at lower levels of dimming. Broad range gray scale color reproduction shows fine details, even in low light conditions. Daktronics employees write the source code, manufacture and assemble our DI-6000 display interfaces in our Brookings, South Dakota facility.

High Performance Power Options

Standard On-board Power Solution

  • Ultra power efficient
  • Mission-critical reliability with 500,000 hours MTBF

Cost-effective, Secure Remote Power Solution

  • Seamless operation through hot-swappable power supplies and N+1 redundant power
  • Easy install using standard parts and tools

Designed with Flexibility to Fit Any Space

With their narrow pixel pitches, our ultra high definition LED panels deliver true-to-source color reproductions and pristine image quality with smaller available physical space at a closer viewing distance. Digital displays provide great revenue and visitor engagement opportunities for many applications, from concourses to retail to corporate lobbies and beyond.

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LED displays in security room

Command Centers

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Boardrooms & Corporate Lobbies

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Case Studies

Joint Medical Operations Center

The Possibilities of dvLED Outside the Bowl

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