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Outdoor LED Video Products

The Power of Brightness + Contrast.

We use the power of brightness and contrast together to fight direct sunlight and high ambient conditions, not to mention our proven ability to withstand the harshest weather conditions. Your Daktronics video display will show rich colors and fine details for years to come.


Why focus on contrast? 

  • See how Daktronics engineers products for maximum contrast
  • Learn how contrast impacts image quality
  • Understanding contrast issues & degradation over time

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Engineered for Reliability And Performance

Efficient Design

Our displays save energy and reduce utility costs with cutting-edge green technology that consumes less power than the industry standard solution. A thin, lightweight system design simplifies delivery and installation. 

Adapted for the Outdoors

Outdoor locations across the globe experience harmful conditions that can impact display operation. Our displays are designed to protect critical components with a proprietary gel coating method to ensure your display is weather-ready.

Clear Visual Quality

Our products feature a broad color depth that reproduces a wide range of rich colors and contrast-enhancing louvers that trap light and protect LEDs from intense sunlight. We also designed for long-term image refinement through pixel-level field calibration.

Available Pixel Pitches


Min. Viewing Distance: 2 meters (6.55 feet)
Line and Column Spacing: 2.976 mm
Vertical Viewing Angle: 140 degrees (+70/-70)


Min. Viewing Distance: 2.68 meters (8.81 feet)
Line and Column Spacing: 3.9mm
Vertical Viewing Angle: 140 degrees (+70/-70)


Min. Viewing Distance: 4.06 meters (13.32 feet)
Line and Column Spacing: 5.952mm
Vertical Viewing Angle: (+70/-70)

6 SMD 

Min Viewing Distance: 4.54 m (14.9 ft.)
Line-and-Column Spacing: 6 mm (0.2")
Vertical Viewing Angle: 65° (+20/-45° off center)


Min Viewing Distance: 5.6 m (18.36 ft.)
Line-and-Column Spacing: 8.13 mm (0.32")
Vertical Viewing Angle: 70° (+25/-45° off center)

10 SMD

Min Viewing Distance: 6.99 m (22.92 ft.)
Line-and-Column Spacing: 10.16 mm (0.4")
Vertical Viewing Angle: 70° (+25/-45° off center)

15 SMD

Min Viewing Distance: 10.48 m (34.38 ft.)
Line-and-Column Spacing: 15.24 mm (0.6")
Vertical Viewing Angle: 70° (+25/-45° off center)

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